A3. The Value of Learning Networks

Original description:The goal of this session is to explore knowledge exchange among professionals to achieve sustainable innovation. We will provide a case from the Dutch Cultural Education with Quality programme that aims to improve art and culture in primary education nation-wide. Professional learning communities are seen as key factors in establishing sustainable innovative practices in the field. We invite practitioners, researchers and policy makers to engage in a dialogue on the importance of knowledge exchange, the tough issues that arise in these processes and the role of the convener. Some theoretical aspects are presented as a starting point. By way of conclusion, we shall examine the need for a European network.

Contributors from the Netherlands: Vera Meewis, Marc Coenders and Anne Graswinckel

Results / lessons learned

A poetic reflection on 90 minutes of human interaction on learning communities.

‘O sweet potatoe’

How, why, what? Can(not) it be...?
What do we want to change?
What’s the context?
Is it meaningfull? Urgent?
Are circumstances right?
Is quality a management goal?
Who owns knowledge?
Is openness ‘safe’ for all?

Make your own definitions

How to...
do the same thing, but totally different?
listen with a sense of wonder?
foster dialogue like a vegetable patch? 

The value is...
hearing all the voices
mixing up the levels
multiplying perspectives
leaving with more questions

Learning is...
getting stuck
doing better
growing together

Community is...
being part of learning
sharing learning

Can it be art?
All art = knowledge
Crossing territories
Connecting disciplines
Including the senses
Going straight to the heart