C4: A Flywheel for Social Change

Original description: How do you create sustainable social support for social artistic interventions? How do you make sure that social and cultural partners, local governments and stakeholders are committed for the long term? How do you make them your ambassadors? These are issues of De Reis (The Journey): the community art programme of Keunstwurk and part of the main programme of Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018. By working bottom up De Reis manages to engage the local communities. As a consequence the effects of the projects are primarily local, which makes it difficult to spread the impact and make the projects more sustainable. In this session we want to investigate how you can create a dialogue which triggers the imagination of stakeholders. How you can engage them in the process and make them co-owner of the project. We gladly invite other community art practitioners, programme managers or policy makers to share their experiences with us. Speakers: Rozemarijn Strubbe (Keunstwurk) & Sikko Cleveringa (CAL-XL) (in Dutch only) 

Results / lessons learned

  • Create an open community and give art a place. Built a network. Work together. Listen to each other.
  • Dare to engage. Include all the stakeholders. 
  • Start small. Start local. Start with the individual.
  • You need systems (also a risk). 
  • Take enough time.