D1: International Collaboration: What's the Impact?

Original description: What are the challenges of international collaboration between people and on an organizational level? What can we learn from the experiences in international collaborations? The Dutch Cultural Participation Fund shares experience, inspiration and research results on 'Young Art' (Dutch: Jonge Kunst) their subsidy programme in cooperation with Fonds Soziokultur (Germany). The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) presents experiences with the Tandem Cultural Collaboration Programme, developed and implemented by ECF (Amsterdam) and MitOst (Berlin). The goal of this session is, besides learning about these examples, to come to a framework for international collaboration and develop a set of indicators that will help the joint effort to become a success. We gladly invite policy makers and international working professionals to join this conversation. Lars Ebert (Culture Action Europe) will lead the discussion.

Lessons learned

International collaboration is enriching in many ways. In international cultural projects it is very important to create a setting for interaction, to meet each other in person and in the partners local setting. It takes time to get to know each other, contact is the start for dialogue. You have to listen careful to the other persons way of doing things. Don’t give up easily but also don’t be afraid to say it doesn’t work. You do need chemistry though.

Funders and partners should appreciate the process as well as the outcome. Therefore take your funders along in the process. Also incorporate monitoring and evaluating in the process with go/no- go moments. 

Cultural differences challenge your way of doing things in a good way. International collaboration has an impact on an individual as well as organizational level. Working together with someone from a different country makes you aware of your ways of working. It makes you reflect on the way you do things. Because you have to develop a new way of working together you both start from scratch, it makes you equal. You increase your collaboration skills. Next to that the international collaboration gives you a sharper insight in political issues in both countries. 

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