D2: WORM in the Neighbourhood


WORM is a cultural organisation working in Cool-Zuid, a neighbourhood in Rotterdam. The neighbourhood is socially fragmented. WORM wants to be of significance to all of the residents in the neighbourhood. Through artistic interventions they aim to create a bond between the artists and the residents in order to lay a foundation where social innovation can take place. 

WORM seeks to create a public, democratic space where people can connect. They introduce artists in open spaces in order to explore the relationship between artists and the ‘everyday audience’. They encourage dialogue between the artist and the audience and vice versa. The importance of the dialogue going in both directions is essential.  

Sustainable relationships are important. WORM builds relationships by maintaining events or projects that reoccur. This gives the everyday audience something to hold on to. 

By locking into the energy of the individual and supporting them can give untold opportunities for themselves as for their surroundings. See examples on their website: 

Welfare organisations and cultural organisations both seek to reach social cohesion and inclusion. But their approaches are different. Each have their own unique value.   


Evert Bisschop-Boele is heading a research investigating the perspective of local residents and artists on their experiences in these artistic interventions. The research provides insight into the way cultural institutions and related artists, as part of the creative industry, develope new forms of audience participation and thereby increase and diversify their audience reach. The research provides knowledge about how cultural institutions in Dutch society can increase their contribution to the innovativeness and inclusiveness of Dutch society. 

This session was presented by Evert Bisschop Boele, Janna Michael, Janpier Brands and Levin Stein.