D4: Beyond the Language Barrier

Original description: Children At Sea is an innovative cultural project that runs in several Dutch cities. In the project underprivileged children work together with artists, teachers, engineers and welfare workers on an artistic challenge, in order to develop their creativity and other talents. The project brings together Dutch children and refugee children. Because of the artistic method, in which all senses are addressed, language does not form a barrier to cooperation and encounter. 

In this workshop you will experience in an inspiring way how you can collaborate and exchange with others without using language! Tamara Roos (founder of the project Kinderen Aan Zee) will lead the workshop together with one of the artists involved. (in Dutch only)

Results / lessons learned

  • Give time and space for the creativity to grow and problem solving
  • Let the children take the lead
  • Imitation is a powerful tool
  • Adults need language more than children
  • Communicate by addressing all senses: use images, sounds, smell, special materials, etc.

Creative Process